To the AWLQLD staff,especially Helen who introduced us to our girl! After a bumpy start for our Ollie, who was previously named Pluto, but we didn’t think it suited her.

She ended up in your vets for the first week but once we got her home and settled and she realised she was safe and loved, her tummy problems stopped! She has given us so much love and happiness and after sadly losing our last doggy ten months before adopting Ollie, we never thought we could love another, but she has proved us wrong.

You look forward to seeing her when you get home from work and you find yourself smiling just thinking about her:) after realising what we get out of this relationship, our daughter and I have started volunteering at AWL, our first visit is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to giving back some love to some of the beautiful babies waiting to go to their new homes. Thank you all for helping to fill the empty void in our lives with our beautiful Ollie who is sitting beside me as I writerhiswIting for me to go to bed! :):)