yawning dog under blanket, isolated on white background

Winter has finally arrived in the Sunshine State. While it’s not a northern winter, it is cold enough for your four legged companions to also feel it. Here are a few tips to keep them toasty too.

“It’s important that you provide a safe, warm area for your animal – inside and outside,” – Gold Coast AWLQ Rehoming Manager Nicole Cannon.

Here are some tips of what you can provide…

  • an insulated kennel so it’s warm in winter and cooler in summer
  • igloos for cats that are out of the wind and weather

Striped cat peeking out of his little house

  • clean blankets in areas inside and outside that provide warmth and comfort
  • heated pads especially designed for animals – don’t use electric blankets as your pet might chew the electrical cords

web dog and cat

  • short haired dogs, especially Greyhounds, will need dog coats during the winter months

Young Chihuahua dog in a knitted sweater standing by the birch tree in the forest

  • If you feed your little companion only once a day, consider splitting the food morning and night
  • older, younger and sick animals may also tend to feel the cold and heat more – consult with your vet for advice. We have two community vet clinics that offer a great range of services – awlqld.com.au/locations/vet-clinic-locations/