Hunni went to the shelter 14/02/2005 and we adopted her on 04/03/2005. I went to the shelter with my sister and mum as they wanted to adopt a cat. All my life I have always loved Dalmations, and guess what… Yes I came home with one. I saw her sitting in the pen as sad as can be and right there and then I knew that she was going to be a new member of our family. Hunni must have come from a home that didnt love her because she was very timid, sad, and used to hide all the time. She lived with us for over a year before we heard her first bark. Well that was some time ago.

Hunni became a much loved member of our family. She was spoilt rotten for day one being allowed in the house, in our bed, and most of all smothered with Love and Care. In return we got the same back from her and more. She was the best friend that I have ever had and it breaks my heart every day that I no longer have her in our lives. Sadly Hunni had to be put to sleep on 20th July 2012 as she had heart problems later in her life. I no that she had the best 7 1/2 years of her life with us.

RIP our smiling Dotti Dog